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Product Type


Application Character
  • Liquid Complex Stabilizer
UC 1111 Non-Toxic, Blowing,
Film Extrusion
Excellent Transparency, No Initial Color
UC 1122 Non-Toxic Toy, Glove Short Defoaming Time, Low Foaming Ratio
UC 1221 Non-Toxic Toy, Glove, Dipping Long Static Heat Resistance, No Blooming
UC 1331 Plastisol Casting Good Heat Resistance,
High Shear Strength, Easy Casting
UC 1333 Flexible Foam Leathering Large and Uniform Foam Cell,
Good for Graining
UC 1351 Flexible Leather or Semi PU Stable Foam Ratio, Fine Cell, Low Blooming
UC 1364 Semi PU Casting Foam High Performance Foam Ratio,
Uniform and Fine Cell
UC 1365 Calendering Foam , Wall Paper High Foam Speed, Whiteness
UC 1376 Rigid Casting Foam High Fillering, Fast Initial Foaming
UC 1431 Thick Calendering Foam High Fillering, Easy Slab-Slab Sticking
UC 1531 General Calendering Long Static Heat Resistance, Slight Blooming
UC 1532 Sulfur Resistance
White Calender
Low Plate Out, No Dynamic Coloring,
Excellent Sulphur Resistance
UC 1533 Transparent Calender Good Transparency, No Initial Color,
No Plate Out
UC 1611 Non-Toxic Rigid Film High Shear Strength for Rigid Film,
Fast Gelling, No Coloring
UC 1681 Transparent Rigid Film Good Transparency for Thin Film,
Fast Gelling, Slight Air Mark
UC 1691 Transparent Rigid Extrusion Good Transparency, Fast Gelling,
Good Extrusion Speed
  • Powder Complex Stabilizer
UC 2441 Leather Sponge, Shoe Injection Fine Cell, Low Initial Foam Ratio,
Good Foam Speed
UC 2442 Calender, Shoe, Sponge High Performance Foaming,
Fine and Stable Cell
UC 2443 Calender High Speed Foam, Extrusion Light Density Injection Shoe Foam,
Smooth Surface
UC 2531 Film, Extrusion Bright - Colored Dye, Good Lubricity,
Low Blooming, Low Cost
UC 2532 White Calender, Extrusion Pipe Good Sulphur Resistance for White Products,
No Zinc Burning
UC 2542 Semi Rigid Film, Extrusion Excellent Dynamic Initial Color, Good Lubricity
UC 2611 Pellet Extrusion, Shutter Good Dynamic Heat Resistance, Excellent Gelling Properties, Smooth Exteriors
UC 2621 General Pipe Extrusion Slight Initial Color,
Moderate Lubricity Suitable for Gelling
UC 2622 Rigid Slab, Pipe Foam Low melting foam viscosity, Slight Density,
Good for Sticking
UC 2811 General Wire, Extrusion General Properties
UC 2812 General Product, Black Wire Black Wire, No Bloom
UC 2813 White Wire, Extrusion Pipe No Initial Color, Suitable for White Wire, Excellent Yellowing Resistance Property
UC 2814 UL Wire/Cable, Extrusion UL Specification,
Excellent Static Heat Resistance
UC 2821 Transparent Wire, Extrusion Transparent Wire, No Initial Color, No Blooming
UC 2921 Congo Red High Temp Resistant Wire,
Semi Rigid Extrusion
High Temp. Resistance Wire, No Blooming
  • Powder Monomer Stabilizer
UC Ca-St Calcium Stearate Good Lubricity and Heat Stability
UC Zn-St Zinc Stearate Good Lubricity and Heat Stability
UC Ba-St Barium Stearate Good Lubricity and Heat Stability
UC Mg-St Magnesium Stearate Good Lubricity and Heat Stability
Above products are only used for industrial application and not for food additives.
Please contact our Sales for further information.
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